Never out of Contact

As I left the house, the bright sun shone from the east and I felt its warmth on my back. We’d been living in this suburb for two days now and I wanted to see some more of it. I passed many nice gardens and several unloved ones. Not everyone is a passionate gardener. We’re all different in our tastes, but I noticed that spiky plants seemed to be the fashion in this flat area.

Several parks and playgrounds greened the spare patches among the houses, giving me a sense of peace. After living in the countryside, we preferred a quiet environment.

Some of the roads wound in circles; a few straight ones and many courts lay like discarded grey ropes with knots of houses hanging on them. Others had to contend with traffic disturbing their peace and still more had easy access to the highway and the shops. I was glad that our new home was in a quiet street.

I wandered about for a while, but eventually had a creeping feeling that I might be lost. Already? With no technological capacity to call for directions, I sent a quick prayer to the One who knows exactly where I am at all times. I remembered the time when God spoke to one of his prophets in prison. He said, ‘Call to me and I’ll answer you and show you great and mighty things’. Would God give me wisdom or would he provide a helper? This would be interesting.

A teenager came towards me, earplugged and holding a mobile phone. Should I interrupt him? When he drew near, I asked, ‘Are you talking on your phone?’ (Silly question!) ‘Yes’, he replied and walked straight past me. Amazing how someone can use their ears for three things at once! Well, he wasn’t the answer to my prayer.

I continued along the winding footpath. Was this the right direction? I turned towards the sun, now higher in the sky, but still in the east; it certainly wasn’t lunchtime yet! Its bright glory almost made me feel as if God had put it there solely for my benefit. In that direction lay my new home, so I began to walk back toward the splendour of the sun.

A lady was walking her dog on the other side of the road, so I crossed over and asked if she knew my street. Out came the inevitable phone and she showed me the map, but without my reading glasses I was still lost! Over my shoulder, I noticed a man crossing the road toward us. Here was my answer!

‘Hello, Lyn’, he said.

I turned to the kind lady, ‘Believe it or not, I know this man’. She smiled and put her phone away.

‘So you’re lost, are you, Lyn?’ Greg said.

I laughed. ‘Yes. I thought, if I could find your house, I might be found! But the garden looks different since we visited you all those years ago’.

I thanked the lady with the dog and followed Greg to his home across the road. I listened while he told me how he’d ‘found’ me.

“‘Lyn’s just walked past!’ I said to Anna’ (his wife), “and she said, ‘Well, go out and bring her in for a cuppa!’ “

Some people might say that wasn’t so amazing, but what if my friends had been on holidays, or in the back yard or even under the shower in those vital few moments when I’d passed their house? Greg might have been reading and not noticed me. I was so glad that I’d turned towards the bright, glorious sun and that God had answered my call. Better than a mobile phone!

Thank you, splendid Lord, that you know all my ways and my whereabouts at all times and in all circumstances.

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