Try Waiting

Have you ever felt frustrated by some innovations on the internet? Especially those put in place by strangers who don’t know what you like?

I once typed in the address for my first email after we’d changed servers and an unexpected oddity appeared after the name: a semi-colon. I tried unsuccessfully to delete it. Why hadn’t ‘they’ asked me about this addition to my Inbox! You may think I’m fussy. Well, you’re correct!

This wasn’t the only time I’ve had to tolerate such intrusiveness in my life’s activities. In the past few months other people have made decisions when I’ve been absent. They’ve set in motion new configurations in my personal environment, without consulting me first! I suppose they’ve done their best, but why hadn’t they asked me?

Here’s one example: the installation of the National Broadband Network. No power points were available in convenient rooms in the midst of our renovations, so our telephone was placed in the lounge room, cluttering up my nice design for a spacious, neat area. Yes, it could be moved later, but would cost hundreds of dollars to do so.

I complained of course. I didn’t call it complaining; I was just voicing my opinion or making ‘reasonable’ requests. When nothing improved, I reverted to the default position and talked to Jesus about it all. Surely he would understand.

He reminded me of his own experience. When he came as a human to our world, he could have been forgiven for thinking everyone would understand why he was here. Weren’t they all waiting for the Messiah? Didn’t they know that he knew the best way to do everything, to teach people to love each other and make the world a better place?

But what happened? He was rejected by the very people whom he came to serve. They told him how to behave! Then they killed him on a cruel cross. So sad.

My own minor frustrations were nothing compared with the way Jesus was treated centuries ago…and is still treated today. I’m so glad he rose from the dead and is alive! Many people don’t accept that he came to give them a wonderful life. He wants us to accept that he died in our place so we can eventually go to heaven and spend eternity with him. He wants a close relationship with us. What a blessing and it’s free!

Jesus knows what it is to wait for his children to learn that he loves them. How patient he is! All this time he’s been waiting and when we do turn to him, he welcomes us with open arms. How forgiving!

So I tried his waiting way. I gave up the complaining attitude and let things be. Even if they didn’t improve I decided to accept it. It took a while, but since then, amazingly, they have changed!

Our eldest grandson recently suggested that he could move the modem to the study. The phone could go in there too and we wouldn’t need the old piano stool that it sat on. That corner would be less cluttered! Then he added that we’d now be able to use the printer more conveniently! Wow! I didn’t know such a thing was possible!

Waiting patiently is certainly less stressful and more productive. I’ve found that Jesus’ way is always better! Why don’t we all try it sooner?

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