God’s Days Off

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Have you ever wondered what God does for recreation? Does he have days off?

These questions came to me when I thought about how Jesus prayed every night. How wonderful it must have been for him to get away from all the bustle of the day, the crowds and the constant giving-out that was his work on earth! He must have looked forward to talking to his beloved Father. And of course, the Holy Spirit would have been in on the conversation too!

I imagine that they discussed with Jesus all the tasks that awaited him on the following day. He was their visible representative on earth. Maybe he told them about the things he’d done and how he wanted blessings to be poured out on us. Was it like a holiday for them every night? A rest from their work?

Years ago, my sister-in-law was talking to me on the day after her annual holidays began. She told me she was painting the house! I couldn’t believe she’d do such work on holiday!

‘But I enjoy it’, she said. ‘It’s different from what I’ve been doing all year. It doesn’t feel like hard labour!’

I’ve often recalled that conversation and it’s made me wonder what God did after he’d finished his work in creating the earth. We do know he rested. Did that mean going around looking at all the wonders he’d made: the light, the sky, the ocean and the flowers and fruits full of seeds? I would, if I’d done it! What satisfaction it must have given him to see animals, fish, birds and cattle…and humans…enjoying each other in the beautiful world he’d made for them all!

I remember the song King David of Israel wrote when he realised how he’d terribly violated God. He’d killed another man and taken his wife. His pride was shattered! You can find the whole story in 2 Samuel, chapters 11 to 12, in the Bible.

When I read David’s Song (Psalm 51) in The Message Bible, I was amazed at these words that the king cried out:

            God, make a fresh start in me, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life. 

David knew it was only the creative power of God that could take away all his shame. He knew it would take the same creative might as it took to make the world! Not only would David be clean; he’d be able to share the same rest that God had when he came to the end of his work at the beginning of creation! The same! Amazing!

There’s nothing we’ve done, no bad crimes or ‘small’ fibs, no chaos, no sin; nothing that God’s creative power can’t eradicate. And he doesn’t just clean us up, he makes us fresh!

So when I meditate on what it must have been like for Jesus to spend time with his Father and the Holy Spirit, it takes my breath away. I’m awestruck when I realise that God wants me to have that same kind of rest; to feel his presence, his support and his freedom!

He really wants me to join him! What an amazing thing it is that I can share God’s days off! And so can we all!

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