A Blocked Ear

We can all hear from God, our heavenly Father. Here’s a poem about what God has been saying to me lately.


music rings, melody is noted

words carry, marry for a message

rich, simple, all can be quoted

until a waxen coat shrouds the instrument within

a numbed jawbone like a heavy carapace

from time spent in the toxic, dusty place

balance rocked

desperate for drops of oil

there’s little gratitude for hearing until

the ear’s blocked!

*     *     *

my inner ear is hidden

deep where only wise words reach

keep it open, Lord

pour in your holy oil

prevent the tissue scarring

I want to hear your whispered call

respond to your gentlest footfall

on my spirit-drum

beating heart to heart

with gratitude for inner hearing

~ Lyn Thiele 2016


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4 Responses to A Blocked Ear

  1. Adele Palmer says:

    Lyn, I remember years ago when I first attended a charismatic church, I had the distinct impression many folk there had one ear open to God and one open to those around them. It was, and is when encountered, a lovely thing.


    • Lyn Thiele says:

      Thanks for your sensitive comment, Adele. I don’t seem to get notification from WordPress about comments her on the actual site and I don’t often check for them!

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