Two Lists

Some of my readers may recall a post I wrote months ago called Giving Good Words, but I see I still have a lot to learn!

Lately I’ve been making a couple of lists. One is about what I enjoy in our new home; the other is what I dislike.

I’ll start with the dislikes! I don’t like the new nylon carpet, even though I chose it. When I use the vacuum cleaner, trails of flattened pile are left behind, making the carpet appear dirty. It looks no better than the old grubby carpet!

Also, my study’s too small for its computer desk, three chairs, spare bed, chest of drawers (with all the greeting cards I’ve received over many years), the sewing machine trolley and two baskets for waste paper and fabric scraps which the kitten climbs into for inspections. And in the cupboard nearly everything I need is behind something else!

As for the small window beside the front door, it gives a good view into the loungeroom from outside. I stuck a lace curtain to the panes but the frisky kitten soon peeled it off. When an unwelcome salesman came to the door and commented, ‘I see you have a piano’, it went on the list! (The window, not the cat, or the piano!) There are plenty of other dislikes that I’ve secretly placed in this catalogue, but I’ll let you off with those few.

Believe me, there is an enjoy list. I’ll try to remember a couple of items! But I must tell you what prompted me to go on here with this topic.

I read Matthew 13:44 in my Bible. This is part of a list that Jesus made. It’s about a man who sold everything so he could to buy a particular field. As I read this verse, I was convicted about my bad habit of listing the things I dislike.

My modern imagination ‘watched’ the man walking around in the field with grass seeds catching on his socks and lots of dust covering his shoes as the sun sweated his head. I suspected he might be hearing these words in his mind: ‘Surely you’re not going to walk inside in those boots! And don’t drop all those seeds in the bathroom when you take off your socks!’

Undeterred by this future tirade, he hurried straight off to buy the field with its dust, grass seeds…and treasure! Wait till she knows what riches I’ve found!  Any wonder this man was joyful! In that field, Jesus said, he’d found the treasure of the Kingdom of Heaven!!

I suddenly realised how much precious thinking-time I was wasting on peripherals. What treasure I was missing in my home! How peaceful and cosy it is! Only yesterday a friend said to us, ‘This house is perfect for you two!’

As I promised, I’ll now show you some of the items on my enjoy list.

I love the beautiful garden where lots of vegetables grow. I have my own study and a spacious kitchen, a pantry full of preserves, pleasant neighbours, our family close by, two full rainwater tanks, our friendly kitten, a lovely bathroom with no tiles on the walls (and therefore no grout to clean) and lots more! But this post is already too long.

I want to forget that first list and only remember the treasure that God’s provided for me. I’m asking him to help me do it! I surely need his help…again! How grateful I am for his love and mercy; I don’t deserve them. But he doesn’t give me what I deserve; he gives me JOY!! What a treasure! And I can live in it! Yes, that’s one blessing we get in the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus spoke about!

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