More than a Granny Smith

Years ago we were walking through an old orchard. The trees were almost bare, their branches gaunt. The apples had been picked for juice and taken to the factory, but I happened to see a lone green one hanging on.

Maurie said, ‘It’ll be delicious. They always are when they’ve been left to ripen on the tree’.

He picked it and I bit into it immediately. He was right! I still remember that fresh apple. I was sure it had waited to bless me with its juicy flavour and fragrance; the best Granny Smith apple I’ve ever tasted.

Some fruit is better when it’s picked early and ripened slowly indoors. Others are harvested long before they mature, and then transported far away to the supermarkets where they look like solid, mock fruit for weeks. Bananas are gassed to speed up the ripening process, but when they’ve been in the fruit bowl a short time, they’re unexpectedly ripe and we have to eat them in a hurry.

It’s the same with babies. All of mine made late appearances, but they never had peeling skin or flaking fingernails, which ‘they’ say are signs of being ‘over-done’!

We’ve been on baby-arrival-watch lately. Do you remember Tenealle and Johnee, of ‘Biggest Loser’ TV fame? I wrote about them a while ago on here. Well, they’re now the proud parents of a splendid son! His name is Arrow. I’m sure Johnee wants a quiver-full but he’ll have to wait a while yet!

Then there’s been the special one in our family: our grand-daughter’s baby was due on the 31st of January, but he kept us all in suspense until the 10th of February. James doesn’t look over-cooked either. He’s beautiful! What a thrill to have him here at last! Now we’re great-grandparents, our sons are great-uncles and our daughter is a great-aunt. And his mother and father…are parents!!

Even if he were born early, he’d be more than welcome. Like that apple, every child is fresh, even if they’re ‘late’. They have their own special time and of course, we can enjoy a baby in lots of different ways. What a magnificent blessing they are. Thousands of times more wonderful than a Granny Smith apple!

A Prayer for Dear James

May your life be a light

that shines on the road

where others will follow

May you know the truths

that bring joy and laughter

May you see with the eye

that sparkles

more than

those who try

to reflect the darkness

May all your ways

be solid underfoot

And every time

you touch or sense

a need

May you be filled

with  compassion

Most of all

May you know 

God’s  boundless Love


Lyn Thiele ~ 2017

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  1. Ruth says:

    Love the poem you wrote for James! Very special!

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