A Home Person

They say we should start with ourselves when we begin the search for our ancestors. The family history research site, ancestry.com, has a system where a tree owner can access it immediately by going to their Home Person. I planned to find my mother-in-law’s family, so I began with her son, my husband. He’s my Home Person.

Building up the tree was an interesting activity. I made lots of exciting, strange and even shocking discoveries. These days I’m not climbing around among the branches much, but I still occasionally feel a longing to look at my Home Person on there. You might think I’m odd, quirky or eccentric, but I do love to go in there just to look at his photo. It makes me happy to see his lovely smile, to think of him sitting there beside me and to remember… What a lot we’ve been through together. He means so much to me. How I love him!

There are plenty of his photos around our home, but somehow, the one on the tree is unique. It gives me a sense of our history together that other pictures don’t, and I feel fulfilled in a special way. You may wonder why I don’t merely speak to him or touch him. Well, I do that too!!

Several years ago an odd thing happened. Every time I logged onto my tree on the ancestry site, I noticed that I was being taken to the wrong Home Person. Somehow Maurie’s Great-Uncle George had snuck into that position and refused to be moved! I followed all the correct instructions, but every time, there was old George, sitting beside his wife, Amelia, on their way to Canada from England in the late 19th century! What if I’d accepted him and gone along with this new Home Person? Of course, Uncle George definitely wouldn’t do. I have no memories of him, no shared life, not even a photo. I’ve absolutely no scrap of yearning to see him!

But my real Home Person, now that’s another story. I know him! I share many memories with him, in fact, most of my life! If I were to put his actual photo on this post, you might say, ‘well, what about him? He doesn’t look anything special!’ But you’d only see his facial features. I see his inner value, the real person; my Home Person. I know I won’t get someone else instead of him when I need him. He’s always there for me; he prays for me and knows me. He’s at home for me. He’s my Home Person!

These thoughts about Maurie, and how his Great-Uncle George kept popping up in his place, reminded me of the second-hand way we might try to reach God. He wants to be our whole-of-life Home Person. It’s no use thinking anyone else will do in his place. Like Uncle George didn’t fit for me on ancestry, neither will anyone else be able to take God’s place in our lives. He’s always standing by, ready to be our own special one, the person we can call on at any time when we want to think about him. He’s the one we can remember because of his love for us, the one who can recall the memories we’ve made together. He’s our dear Heavenly Father.

He doesn’t need to be on a family tree on ancestry.com. He has his own family and I’m so glad he’s included me in it. He’s available to us all, at any time, in any place. We only need to ask because he wants everyone to be on his tree. There are no substitutes for him; he’s the Home Person.

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