Going Out and Coming In, Sitting Down and Rising Up

I dislike the way online companies put unrelated advertisements on the sites I read. I might want to check a Blog I’m following, but there they are, with their real estate information, fashion advice, or medical articles that I don’t want to read again. I wish they’d remove them so I can get on with my reading!

However, I’ve realised that my memory does the same thing! It brings up information in the sidebar of my brain, and drops a suggestion from God in there when I forget that God reads my mind-mail!

For example: for three years, we’ve had a cat door sitting on the shelf. While we were renovating, it was way down on the list of things to do, but recently we decided to use it. Maurie sawed a hole in the shed door and installed it. He put Minty in the shed, fed him his favourite treat, and while the cat gobbled it up, Maurie locked the little cat door and came into the house. Soon we heard a plaintive miaowing outside the kitchen window – Minty had worked out how to unlock his door and decided to use it! Well, wasn’t it a door for cats?

It might be satisfying to have a clever pet, but we wanted to obey the local Council rule to keep cats locked in every night. We’d already lost one feline to a car accident; we didn’t want a repeat with Minty.

Maurie tried a few remedies, but none worked. They’d last a few nights, until the sounds and smells of the outside world drifted into Minty’s small ‘hotel room’. Then that lonely pussy yielded to his longing, and fiddled with the lock until he’d mastered it! Soon we’d hear cat noises outside again. Eventually Maurie put a heavy box against the cat door to keep him in.

In the odd way my mind works, this event brought up a memory. It appeared without warning, making sure I wasn’t forgetting God’s special care for me. It was two Bible verses I’d learned as a child. I only knew them in the old King James Version. One went like this:

The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in, from this time forth, and even for evermore.

David, King of Israel, wrote these words so his people could carry them when they went up to worship God. He knew how well the Lord had looked after him and he wanted the people of Israel to know too. Here’s this special truth in our modern words. God guards you from every evil; he guards your very life. He guards you when you leave and when you return. He guards you now, he guards you always. And here’s another one: He keeps his eye upon you as you come and go. He always guards you (Psalm 121:8).

When we’re focussed on the Lord, we don’t have to worry that he might have looked away for a moment. Even if bad things happen, and our lives seem chaotic, he’s still in control.

The second verse that came to my mind as I thought of Minty’s little door, was from Psalm 139:2. It’s similar – You know my down-sitting and my up-rising. Here’s a modern version – You know when I am resting and when I am working.

Minty going out!

God cares about Minty, and even watches over sparrows. If we choose to focus on our fears whenever we go in or out; when we sit down or stand up, God knows. So he puts a suggestion on the sidebar of our mind! I find that so reassuring!

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