New Technology

‘Lay it beside my phone’, he said, ‘and it will read it’. Oh?!

My husband was referring to my new Fitness Tracker. He’d put an app on his phone so it would record my steps. The ‘experts’ say I should walk 10,000 a day, and I knew I’d never be able to count that many! I don’t think I need any of the other monitors on it because I can usually tell if I’ve over-eaten, or I’m tired, or can’t relax. So I won’t bother consulting the calorie-counter, how far I’ve walked, any information on my sleep quality, or the heart-rate calculator. The step-counter is the only thing I’ll need.

Although I’m slower nowadays, I’m still active. I wondered if this little gadget could help me to prevent any dangerous health issues. When I tried to clasp it around my wrist, a large bruise appeared on my paper-thin skin. Ouch! Mmm… I think I’ll have to carry it on me, then I’ll only have to remember to wear clothes with pockets! These technical devices count swinging arms, so if I push a trolley, or pull my shopping jeep, my steps don’t accrue. But amazingly, from within my clothing, it can sense every pace! 

Fitness trackers have been around for a while, but they’re not news to God. As the original Creator, he’s formed ‘apps’ in me so I can sense how I feel, what I’m thinking, or even receive advance warning if my stomach is about to eject undigested food from my body! The modern technology is brilliant, I agree, but God’s ‘fitness tracker’ is more wonderful than anything man-made. The Lord of the Universe has installed applications in us that prevent high blood-pressure, laziness, greed, and more. Most importantly, he’s given every one of us a spiritual app that emits a warning if we’re missing out on what we desperately need, which is himself – his love, joy, peace. It’s a kind of ‘yearning-meter’ in the souls of humans which notifies us that we need him. We ignore its warning signals to our detriment. For instance, how many people long for peace, but don’t know how to find it?

Here are a couple of God’s apps (promises) we can use: King Solomon said, …the Lord provides for those he loves, while they are asleep – Psalm 127:2 Amazing.

Isaiah explained how God’s apps work: You will keep the peace, a perfect peace, for all who trust in You, for those who dedicate their hearts and minds to You. So trust in the Eternal One forever, for He is like a great Rock—strong, stable, trustworthy, and lasting – Isaiah 26: 3-4. What a wonderful support!

To calibrate the settings for our ‘yearning meter’, we need to do what God told Jeremiah when he was in trouble: Call to me, and I’ll answer you, and will tell you about great and hidden things that you don’t know.’  – Jeremiah 33:3. We’re all included in that promise, and the app is free! God has set it to be replenished automatically, to never run dry. Don’t you love those kinds of apps?

On my fitness tracker, I have to check it in case it goes flat. If it does, I suppose there’s always that smart phone… if I can work out how to access it! However, if I need God’s perfect peace, I only have to talk to him, listen to his replies, and accept it from him!

Well, I’ll need to grab my pen now and record the number of today’s steps on the kitchen calendar! Tomorrow’s a new day and God will be walking with me! Hallelujah!

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