Thinking about Heaven

Lately I’ve been wondering about heaven. Some people have great confidence in their ideas on the way it will be: who we’ll know there, what we’ll do, and how we’ll feel. But I’m not so sure about some of those details.

Nevertheless we are encouraged to hope. I hope to meet my son who died as a baby. I know God loves little children and wants them there with him. Will my child be an adult when I arrive, and how will I know him? I almost wrote ‘recognise him’ there, but I don’t think we’ll need that kind of knowing in heaven. We’ll have fresh understanding-ness in our new bodies.

That’s another thing – some of us are ready to be done with these old bodies – well, not quite yet, but we know they won’t last forever. Anyway, it means we’ll be continuing on with the eternal life we’ve already started because our spirit never dies. I’m expecting family and friends to be there – all those precious ones who believe that Jesus died for them.

Some of us were discussing this topic last week – mainly the things we need to finalise before we go! An Advanced Care Directive, for instance, is recommended. Some relatives have already organised a series of old photos to be shown at their funeral, or made sure that a responsible person knows where all their important forms are stored, and where they’d like their valuables to go. None of us want to cause extra work for our family at a time when they’ll have a lot going on.

I want my funeral to include times of joy! I won’t be there, so my wishes for the ‘last rites’ might seem unimportant, but it could be the final opportunity I have to remind everyone that I love them. So how I’ve lived here now will be the determining factor in all of this.

As I’ve meditated on these topics – mostly at night when I’m gathering up all my old thoughts from over the years – it’s been more of a ramble as I go from one thing to another. I talk to the Lord about it, remember stories from the Bible, and recall the teachings I’ve heard about death and the kingdom of God. I have a lot of info stored away! However I’ll probably be surprised at what happens and what I see and hear after I’ve moved on from here!

I think of heaven as a different dimension, rather than a place. An experience; nothing like a palace. Values are deeper, richer, there. I’m sure it will all be good. We certainly won’t be disappointed.

There are many who say they’ve been to heaven and returned to earth. I’m only interested in the words God says about it. He’s the expert! And if we’re used to talking to him here, the conversation will continue.

Scholars have written reams about death, heaven, and the kingdom of God – his home. I’ll never be able to compete with the experts! So if you were expecting some big answers from me, I apologise for a slight lack of information! But if we look carefully, the Bible has some answers for us. Here’s one definite truth: Jesus believed in eternal life.

He promised: ‘After I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me so that you may be where I am’  ~ John 14: 3.

He’s getting it ready for us! What better place could we ever find? Being with him is heaven, regardless. And I want to be there with him, don’t you?

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