Trust In Our Father

Recently, like some other older people, I’ve been facing a few tricky health issues. I’ve talked to my Heavenly Father about them, and asked what I should do regarding medication, exercise, tests, and, believe it or not, how he wants to deal with it all! I know he does miracles. I know he’s given amazing abilities to medical people and scientists, but I’ve felt somewhat confused as I’ve thought about the plan that God has for me. I know for sure that he does have a plan. Not just something that will fit my current situation, but an eternal, special purpose for me. A plan that will show everyone else what he’s really like.

Going through some of our family photos today, I was thinking about all this, and came across a couple from our granddaughter’s wedding. On that morning, as she was getting ready in her parents’ bedroom, the photographer, Megan, snapped some fun scenes.

I looked at the background of them, the participants, and their emotional involvement in the day, and I noticed one message there. Can you see what I saw?

Is it the half-completed renovations, the potential drama, or the humour? Some fathers might tease their daughter and go too far with their fun. What if he moved too close and slipped? Would he care if she walked down the aisle on his arm in a few hours time with a patch of shaving cream on her beautiful dress, just because he hadn’t taken enough care with his tomfoolery? Would that grey top hat make him look any better or more responsible?

Yes, all these aspects are there in the photo, but the most wonderful thing I see is the relationship between Peter and his daughter. Amber trusts him completely! In fact, she’s entering into the joy of the moment!

What a wonderful privilege to have such trust! Trust by the bride, yes, but the father holds her trust; it belongs to him. She knows him so well, and he doesn’t have to doubt if she’s relaxed about his intentions with that white stuff in his hand! We don’t just have trust in a person, we give them our trust. And so it is with God.

I thought about my health worries. Was I really trusting him to do his glorious best for me? Do I know him well enough to believe that he has my most important interests at heart? And can I trust him to do what is most valuable for everyone else in my life? Have I actually given him my trust?

After all these years of walking with him, surely I know I can trust him. But lately I’ve sometimes looked in the wrong direction. My thoughts have been on myself, my worries, and so-called potential dangers. How beautifully he draws me back to himself, showing his love and care for me. And not just me, but all his people.

Like Amber with her father, I can trust him to shelter me under his wings. When I see these images from the wedding album, I’m thrilled at the way my heavenly Father has used them to comfort me and to keep me trusting in his loving care. I’m not the only one who’s nervous. Many others are the same in these days when the world is being shaken with horrendous challenges.

But God’s given us His promise:

He will cover you with his feathers; you will take refuge under his wings. His faithfulness will be a protective shield ~ Psalm 91:4Christian Standard Bible

Let’s all remember –  including me – that he’s there for us.







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