Following the Paths Ahead

Near our home, there are many huge electricity towers where no houses are permitted. Park-like areas have been created underneath and many walking paths run through them.

I try to walk every day, and to keep it interesting, I prefer to go in a different direction each time. Since we’ve recently been more confined at home, I’ve gone exploring and have been amazed at how extensive these networks of footpaths are. They run for miles and lead to interesting destinations.

The first time that I did a long walk through some of them, enjoying the trees and the playgrounds dotted here and there, I went so far that I wondered if I might be lost!  It seemed lonely and I didn’t want to run out of energy before I found my way home. No-one knew where I was and perhaps I’d have to ask for directions … that’s if anyone were about. But I remembered how God had encouraged me once before. (See my post – ‘Never Out of Contact’).

I eventually entered a lovely park with Australian indigenous plants, and thought, this might lead me home. I saw a small group of people in the distance, using some  playground equipment. When I reached them, I asked the young woman, ‘Would you be able to tell me the easiest way to get to Duff  Street from here?’

The lady looked at me for a few moments, and I wondered what she might reply, but she said, ‘I’m sorry. I don’t live around here’. But she pulled out her mobile phone and showed me a map! Praise God for maps and mobile phones!

By way of explanation, she said, ‘We’ve come here today to look at a house to buy’.

‘Why did you choose this town?’ I asked.

She smiled and said, ‘We thought we might be able to find something that we could afford’.

‘Where do you live now?’ I asked. Fortunately she wasn’t put off by my questions and said, ‘We’ve recently moved here from Perth and we’re staying with my father’.

‘Oh’, I said. ‘My daughter lived in Perth and loved it there. She missed the sun when she and her family returned to Melbourne’.

The lady called her young daughter by name, and said, “We’re feeling the cold, aren’t we?’ Then she turned to me. ‘She’s been complaining about having to wear so many clothes here!’

By this time I thought I should be getting on my way, so wished her all the best in her house-hunting, and soon found I wasn’t far from home after all.

Since then I’ve often thought of that lovely young mother and her children and I’ve prayed that they’ll find a place to call home. I’ve also wondered if I should have asked her about joining a church in her new community and offered directions to ours. We have many young families and I was sure she’d feel at home there.

Will I meet her some time in the future? I hope so. Even if another person befriends her here, I can pray that they’ll be the best one for her. I’m so glad I followed the right path that day. God knows where our footsteps should go. He’s even given us these words of encouragement in the Bible:

But he knows where I am going. And when he tests me, I will come out as pure as gold. For I have stayed on God’s paths; I have followed his ways and not turned aside. ~ Job 23: 10 -11.

I want that to be my constant prayer: walking all the time with God. How about you?

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2 Responses to Following the Paths Ahead

  1. Jacqui Conlon says:

    so good, Lyn. Here’s the quote in GNB: “Yet God knows every step I take; if he tests me he will find me pure. I follow faithfully the road he chooses, and never wander to either side.” I was just thinking “I wish I could say that so definitely for myself”. but then, I can, because Jesus does and He lives in me and I in Him.

  2. thielelyn says:

    Spot on, Jacqui! That’s why I need to pray for it!
    When I read you comment, I thought, ‘imagine what it must be like without Jesus’. But then I don’t really want to, there’s so much to learn just walking with His life in us.
    I nearly used the Good News version of that scripture, but decided on the NLT. Many of them are similar these days.
    Thanks for you perceptive addition, Jacqui!

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