I Don’t Want to Droop!

In my precious old secretaire, there are two small things that I’m keeping for posterity. I think they’ve been with me since I was married! I recently went to my desk and held them in my hand, running my fingers over them, and thinking about their history.

They are clothes pegs made of wood and metal. Each component would have a proper name in the peg-manufacturing industry, but I know one part is a spring. As for the other two identical pieces, maybe they’re called ‘legs?’ In one, there’s a tiny ‘nick’ in the end of each leg, as if a mouse has chewed it! The surface of the other is varnished and its dimensions are narrower – perhaps a finer quality one? All their inner surfaces have a washed-out look from sitting against damp fabrics.

I probably used these pegs on our honeymoon when I washed our clothes for the very first time! Since then, they’ve held hundreds of garments and articles on clotheslines in many places. Their springs have responded to thousands of squeezes, and the sun has faded them. In every moment of pegging out the washing, the owner of each garment has always been on my mind – real people who needed love, touch and tender care.

Now these two pegs serve another purpose: they retrieve memories for me. To keep them might seem silly to some, but all the washing I’ve done over the years wasn’t only because I couldn’t tolerate dirty clothes; it was because I loved the owners, and it was my way of serving them.

This particular type of peg is still available, although now it’s often made of plastic or wire. Clothes-driers have made them redundant in some homes. Mine are special representatives of hundreds of others over the years. Don’t laugh, but I asked God about them, and he reminded me that he also uses pegs in my life as a way of showing me how much he loves me. Ah! The prophetic connection.

Have you ever heard a prophecy given in your church, where the person begins to share God’s message and starts by saying, ‘I see a picture…’, or ‘I see a clothesline with wooden pegs holding a line of billowing garments that fill with air, making them look alive!’ They might even add: ‘God is saying that he wants to fill us with a deep longing for his life to complete us in a way we’ve never known’.

But I do know, that as I held my two pegs, God did speak to my heart. He reminded me that he wants to show me things about myself, our family, and most importantly, about him. Jesus used stories from everyday life so his listeners would remember his words, and the truths he wanted them to know.

I’d given this post three different titles before I saw where it was leading! How often do we give a ‘title’ to what we’re seeing, without realising God is also whispering a message to us? It could start with pegs and their utilitarian uses, but hidden in there is a story we would love to hear straight from the heart of God. Will we listen?

God’s pegs are words that he uses to keep us attached to his refreshing truths. How often have I been grateful for words such as these when I’ve needed them:

Heaviness in the heart of man makes it droop, but a good word makes it glad ~ Proverbs 12:25 – Modern English Version

I’ll keep my two pegs, and remember what God has told me about his great love for our family.

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    Test comment

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    Test comment 2 🙂

  3. thielelyn says:

    Thanks so much, Josh!
    Love, Grandma

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