Why did that song come to my mind? I hadn’t thought of it for about thirty years, but there it was in the middle of the night, calling to me. That’s God speaking. When he knows I’m in need of a special message from him, he drops it into my mind when I’m not expecting it. 

The words of the song challenged my situation. I’d been extremely concerned about my husband’s very slow recovery from an illness. Was he afflicted with something that the doctors were missing in all their scans and blood tests? Why wasn’t he improving? For a week, he could hardly stay awake, and he was too ill to perform his usual tasks. Why, Lord? Then this old song appeared.    

I don’t know about tomorrow, I just live from day to day. I don’t borrow from its sunshine, for its skies may turn to grey … many things about tomorrow I don’t seem to understand, but I know who holds the future, and I know he holds my hand.

I think the author, Ira Stanphill, had stood in a similar place to mine. Perhaps he was concerned about his future, and God reminded him, ‘You don’t always need to know the future. Only believe that I know it, and I’ll look after you’.

And God also emphasises his warning message in different ways. I saw it in the book I was currently reading. The characters in the story also learnt that it’s enough to know about today. Yesterday is gone, I read, so live for today, and trust God for tomorrow. Whatever happens, he holds us. 

Even today, as I wrote this post, I opened the Bible Gateway site, and this verse was already on the page! The Holy Spirit had spoken these words to King David … and now to me. 

The Lord will work out his plans for my life—for your loving-kindness, Lord, continues forever ~ Psalm 138:8 – The Living Bible

We humans long to know our future, but God doesn’t always reveal it. He’ll be there for us just as he is today. People often come to church when a prophet is scheduled to speak. Many of them haven’t made an appearance there for months, but they’re hoping God will give them the answers they want about their future lives. 

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2 Responses to Tomorrow

  1. Margaret Aeschlimann says:

    Hi Lyn, I shared this one at the JOY group today. It was very relevant, and people related to what you have written, especially the song, as well as the amazing way God prepares us for what’s ahead. It’s true, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we know Who holds tomorrow in His caring, loving hands.
    God bless you and heal you.
    Love, Marg

    • thielelyn says:

      Thanks so much, Marg. I wondered what you did in my place, or if everyone else brought enough stories to read without using anything from me. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, especially when I had one of my old Blog posts to share. I would have liked to hear what the others read too. Thanks also for praying for me. God bless you and all the members of our J.O.Y. Group at turningpoint church. We’re Just Older Youth!!

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