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Free-Motion Quilting on the Piano

I’m sure there are other people in the world like me, who know what it feels like to play the Lord’s Music. They may call it something else, but that’s the name I’ve given to the way God leads me … Continue reading

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What if We Never Learned Anything New?

A young teenage friend recently asked me if she’d ever be able to play the piano in our church. ‘You’ll really develop as you learn.’ I said. ‘I had to start somewhere too’. ‘But you have a gift’, she said. … Continue reading

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When We Walk Together

One Sunday morning a man in our church told me he’d written a song. ‘Would you be willing to compose the music?’ Barry asked. And so I agreed. Writing music is an exhausting, yet exhilarating occupation! I love the strength of the melody drawing me along … Continue reading

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