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Try Waiting

Have you ever felt frustrated by some innovations on the internet? Especially those put in place by strangers who don’t know what you like? I once typed in the address for my first email after we’d changed servers and an … Continue reading

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We’re All Different

Two cats from the same litter with such different personalities. Amazing. We named them after herbs: Tansy and Chamomile, or Milly for short.  They’d reached eighteen years and Tansy was blind now, but appeared happy. Milly was a home cat; her sister always roamed. Tansy caught mice, … Continue reading

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Learning to Love My Leg

My leg refused to move. Did it intend to stay that way forever? Stubborn and still, it lay on the large, flat shiny board that the hospital physiotherapist had left on my bed. I felt like crying. But using my bossiest … Continue reading

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Everyday Things

I stepped out of bed and crossed the room. I wouldn’t disturb Maurie by using the lights in the hallway. My path was lit by the small glows from the alarm clock, the cordless phone, the smoke detector and the unexpected … Continue reading

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